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Golden Baton… $1000 and up

Eileen Blovad
Steve and Connie Brotzman
Jane Davenport
Larry and Nancy Fuller
Russell and Priscilla Glenn
Robert and Sonny Googins
Martha Hoke
Michael and Hedy Landes
Edward Like
Bill and Rhetta Lowndes
Guy and Cheryl Paschal
Mary Waters
Fred and Dorothy Zinser

Benefactor… $500—$999

Tom and Bev Cable
Mike and Patti Ducey
Bob and Jane Griffith
Bill and Lainey Lorr
Paul Mannheim
Michael and Roberta McNally
Allan and Joan Rayfield
Allan Winneker

Patron… $200—$499

Bob and Barbara Anderson
Doug and Audrey Bittner
Bill and Nancy Bonneville
Roberta Brader
Juanita Collings
Clare Cox
Mr. and Mrs. David Crowley
Dean Cullison
Jim and Cec Danigelis
John and Carol DeStefano
Jim and Susan Dickson
Joseph and June DiPiazza
Don and Sherry Dryg
Barbara Ehret
Jim and Suzy Fargher
Scrib and Ann Fauver
John and Mary Ferguson
Vonnie Fritze
George Gans
William Gardner
Larry and Helen Goldman
W. Brantley Harvey, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Hatcher
Bob and Sally Haxby
Mrs. John C. Hedley
Richard and Mary Heglin
Dean Hewitt
Bob and Joan Isaacson
Herb and Marge Jarvis
Col. and Mrs. David Jenney
Jean Keefe
Kevin and Carolyn LaTulip
Jim and Beth McCornock
Walker and Lee Merrill
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mix
Boulton Mohr
Sally Coulton and Sanford Morse
Alan and Joanne Moses
Norman and Cissy Nichols
Vic and Gloria Otley
Chuck and Judy Raynor
Lee and Jane Scher
Larry and Lynn Scoville
Bob and Gail Taylor
Ted and Barbara Temple
Bruce and Barbara Tennant
David and Louise Uehling
Larry and Bev Van Dillen
Keith and Karen Waldrop
Rinehart Wilke
Fred and Dottie Wilson
Albert D. Wood

Friend… $100—$199

Bob Steinmetz and Pat Ashton
Ursula Barrett
Ann Bunnell
Joseph and Nancy Burke
Greg Westergaard Clara Menuhin-Hauser
Ron and Susan Converse
Earl and Joan Dietz
John and Margo Freund
Kurt and Marlene Fried
T. Bruce and Margaret T. Fryer
Robert and Kelley Gamble
George and Karen Gans
Larry and Zani Graff
Stephen Greenberger
Dr. Michael Harris
Bob and Pat Herkenham
Wilma Holman
Ardith Holzmacher
Monte and Ruth Huebsch
Paul and Joy Jacobs
Rod Lewis and Elaine Johnson
James and Ann Lau
Walter & Ann Lee
Terry and Beth Lurtz
Jim and Sally Marks
Roy and Midge Moore
Arthur Morrow
Bill and Josie Paddock
Bob and Doris Price
Cliff and Nancy Rhein
Edie Rodgers
David and Penny Russell
Donald and Donna Starkey
Paul and Diana Steele
Don and JoAnn Stovall
Frederick and Lois Strong
Gay Torrey
Frank and Caroline Vaden
Lynne Van Etten
Mark Viguera
Barbara Wietfeldt
Dorothy Willis

Together we can keep the musicians on the stage, allow our stellar music director to create new and even more exciting programs for our enjoyment, and nurture the young talent that is Beaufort's treasured musical future.
Thank you all for your support!

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Edward M. Like
President, Board of Directors

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